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About Chula

It's just me and my three beautiful children. Any parent knows that even things that are "affordable" are no longer affordable the more heads you have to pay for and that's even more true when you have only one income to depend on. That's how Chula Says came about.


​I began trying to find affordable things for me to do with the kids along with finding things for me to do when I was by my lonesome. I already knew Atlanta was an amazing city with plenty to do but I never realized how many affordable and even free options there were to take advantage of. With every new experience we have been able to take advantage of my heart (and wallet) has grown to love this city even more. Atlanta is a diverse vibrant city and I want you to get to enjoy all it has to offer as I am. 


Chula Says goes beyond just food to eat and places to go. If there is anything I have learned as a single mom on a budget is that adventures aren't about where you physically go but rather about the memories you make with the people you love. We are all about the adventure, the experience, and making memories. We'll explore not only Atlanta but neighboring states and Cities on a budget! You are cordially invited to follow my family and I on our adventures. 


We are also all about supporting local businesses and making connections. If you own a Business and want us to help promote or feature your Business or next Event, contact us:

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Life, Family, and all things Atlanta

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