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If you've had a chance to look around our website, hopefully you can see that we go well beyond food to eat and places to go. We are also about health, fitness, friends, family, and most importantly the experiences and memories we create. If you think your business has a place on Chula Says then we would love to feature your Business or help promote your next Event on our website and social media platforms.


Some collaborations opportunities can include:


Exclusive Blog Post

Let's make one thing clear. If we ever feature a business or product on a blog post, we are always 100% true to ourselves and stick to our personal experiences. In other words, don't offer to pay us to feature your business or product. However, we will happily try out your services or products and if we enjoy it, we will write an exclusive and honest blog post about it. Don't worry, we will never write a negative post. Let's face it, everything isn't for everyone (what a perfect world that would be) so we don't want to steer anyone away who may like it. However, if we happen to share a picture on our website or social media where we are wearing or using your product or if we are at your location or event, we will always tag you or your business.  

Exclusive Event Blog Post

This is a little different than our Exclusive Blog Post in that we can't write about our experience just yet. If you have an upcoming event that isn't on our happenings page then tell us about it and we'll be glad to add it at no cost. If you're wanting to have us make an exclusive blog post highlighting your event, contact us and we'll be happy to discuss this opportunity further with you. 

Social Media Takeovers

This can work one of two ways. You can give us temporary access to your Social Media accounts such as Facebook, Instagram, and/or Snapchat and we'll make live posts while at your events or during other collaborations. Want to give our followers (aka our fellow Chulas and Chulos) an inside look of your event or a sneak peak of a day in your life, we can give you temporary access to our Social Media instead.

Brand Ambassador

Ok, so if we really really love your services or products and you love us just as much in return, we want to be your Brand Ambassador. As a Brand Ambassador we will happily share continuous updates on your services, products, or upcoming events in future blog posts and on our social media. All you have to do is tell us about it and share your love for Chula Says in return. Simple as that. 

Paid Advertisement

Yes, you can place a banner ad on our website or e-newletters. Contact to discuss options and pricing. 

Collaboration opportunities are not exclusive to the categories above. Maybe you want to host one of our meet-ups and offer a free yoga class, fitness class, or other workshop. Or do you want to host our next event at your venue? Maybe you're a make up artists, hair stylists, or photographer and want to offer your services to be tagged on our website and social media posts. Ready to move forward or have other suggestions, fill out the form below and let's get together to brainstorm ideas. I am always open to fresh content ideas and partnership opportunities. 

Success! Message received.


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